Why Are Asphalt Shingles So Popular?

Why Are Asphalt Shingles So Popular?

When it comes to roof replacement, asphalt shingles are the most popular material for homeowners across the country. Asphalt roofing strikes a great balance between cost, visual appeal and performance.

Why Are Asphalt Shingles So Popular?

In this post, Mascon Inc. discusses the key characteristics of asphalt shingles that make them such a popular choice:

Long Service Life

Today’s asphalt shingles have improved lifespans. Standard three-tab shingles, the most basic asphalt option, can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. Considering that this is coming from an “entry-level” roofing material, this is an impressive feat that generates excellent cost efficiency.

Durable Roofing

Among residential and commercial roofing options, asphalt is one of the top choices in terms of durability and weather tolerance. Architectural shingles, the premium variant, have earned durability and tolerance ratings that rival metal roofs!

As a GAF Master Elite® roofing contractor, we’re proud to offer GAF’s impressive line of top-quality asphalt shingle systems. For durable roofing that lasts for many years, we recommend GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System, a complete asphalt roof system that we guarantee will last, as its name says, a lifetime.

Better Energy Efficiency

Asphalt shingles are “cool” roofs that can reduce your indoor heating and cooling significantly. The shingle granules naturally reflect sunlight and solar heat, helping you reduce cooling costs in the summer.

Eco-Friendly Roofing

Asphalt is a “green” option for the roof since it’s one of the most recyclable materials you can find. In fact, most “new” asphalt roofs are actually made from older asphalt. Unlike wood, asphalt doesn’t degrade in durability and weather tolerance no matter how many times it’s recycled.

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