When It Is Better to Have Your Roof Replaced Than Repaired?

When It Is Better to Have Your Roof Replaced Than Repaired?

So you’re trying to decide whether to repair or replace your roof. Repair work seems easier for homeowners but it’s important to see exactly what your roof needs. Fortunately, residential roofing contractor Mascon, Inc. explains when it is better to have your roof replaced than repaired.

Roof Replaced Than Repaired

Badly Damaged

See the interior and exterior of your home when checking on your roof. Watch out for water leaks and stains in your attic. Check your roof for any sagging or bruise in the shingles. The rule is that if your roof has damage that’s too extensive to repair, you have no other option but to have it replaced. This is especially true if your roof has been heavily damaged by a natural disaster like a hurricane or a storm. A new roof may actually save you money compared to constant “small” repairs. 

Past Its Prime

Each roof has its own lifespan. With proper maintenance and care, asphalt roofs can last a decade while clay or metal roofs can last centuries. Take note of your roof’s lifespan and past repairs that it has gone through. It’s crucial to be familiar with your roofing material and condition regularly. Old roofs tend to be weaker and vulnerable. You’ll know your roof is past its prime when it is in constant need of repairs. By this time, getting a new one can save you money.

Not Compliant With Current Building Codes

It is important to make sure that your roof follows the current building code in your area. If your roof is old and does not comply with the building codes, it may cause some issues in the future. It’s also beneficial to keep your roof up-to-date with the building codes should you decide to sell your property. 

New Look

If you want an entirely new look for your home, a roof replacement is an option. Transform your property and give your home a fresh new façade. A new roof may be an investment to your property and can even save you money.

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