What You Can Expect During a Roof Installation

What You Can Expect During a Roof Installation

A roof replacement is a major undertaking that requires careful planning. Whether you’re investing in a residential or commercial roofing replacement, knowing what to expect throughout the project helps you prepare accordingly. Mason Inc., the trusted roofer, discusses more today:




What You Can Expect During a Roof Installation


Before any construction can begin you must acquire the necessary permits from the local offices in your area. This is a step that you should take early on so you avoid delays down the road. When working with a professional like us, you won’t have to worry about this. We’ll handle all the pre-construction requirements for your project.

Unforeseen Problems

In some roofing projects, repairs have to be made before the replacement can actually begin. This is when underlying problems like structural issues and damage are found underneath your current roofing material. An initial inspection won’t be able to detect these. Your roofer is likely to find such problems after removing the existing roofing system. As a contractor with many years of experience in roof replacement, we will discuss these issues with you and ask for your approval on the necessary solutions.

Additional Costs

If hidden damage is discovered, the cost of your roof replacement will go up. To avoid delays, be sure to prepare for these instances by setting aside a contingency fund. You should also ask your contractor about any areas of concern they have about your roof before they begin work.

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