What Are the Factors That Affect Your Metal Roofing Project?

What Are the Factors That Affect Your Metal Roofing Project?

If you’re planning a metal roofing replacement, there are a few factors that can affect your project. In today’s post, trusted residential roofing contractor Mascon, Inc. explains some of the most common factors:

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation plays a significant role in the health of any roofing system, including metal. Having a good attic ventilation helps maintain the durability of the roof by keeping the area free from mold. It also improves energy efficiency by exhausting the heat from the sun during summer, while preventing winter ice dams during winter.

How Your Roof Is Configured

If your roofing system has a very low pitch, it may require special installation techniques and materials. Some materials such as modular panels aren’t appropriate for roofs with less than a 3:12 pitch. Also, the larger and more complex your roof is, the more time consuming it will be to install. We recommend investing in a metal roofing system that requires only minimal maintenance.

Fasteners and Interlocks

Some roofing systems feature concealed fasteners that interlock on two or all four sides, which use more metal per square foot. These types of products are slower to install even by experienced roofers due to the complex way the panels are fitted. Meanwhile, exposed fastener products simply overlap on the edges. They’re typically cheaper than concealed fasteners, but they also require more maintenance, since they tend to loosen and leak over time. 

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