Tips on Effective Communication With Your Roofing Contractor

Tips on Effective Communication With Your Roofing Contractor

Proper communication between client and contractor is essential. It helps eliminate misunderstandings that could cause delays, installation mistakes and unsatisfactory results. In today’s post, local roofing contractor Mascon, Inc. shares tips on effectively communicating with your roofing contractor.

roofing contractor shaking hands with client

Exchange Reliable Contact Methods

The whole point of effective communication is that both parties can reach each other easily. You and your contractor need to have at least one method of communication where you can quickly respond to each other, whether through a phone call, email, or a messaging app. This is especially important during situations that require an immediate response, such as when you need to sign off on unexpected repairs or unplanned changes.

Let Them Know Your Availability

You probably don’t want to be receiving calls in the middle of a meeting, so inform your contractor ahead of time if you have “do not disturb” hours. Even when it’s one of the aforementioned situations that require an immediate response, your contractor won’t be wasting their time trying to reach you and wondering why their calls are going to voicemail.

Take the Time to Learn the Roofing Process

You’re not expected to install your own roof, but knowing the residential roofing process can be helpful when you’re discussing it with your roofer. A lot of nuances can be lost in even the most advanced modes of communication, and knowing the process as a homeowner can help keep you and your contractor on the same page.

Be Vocal About Your Concerns

Good contractors iron out the smallest details of the roofing project before the contract is signed, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions and raise your concerns even when the project has begun. Your contractor should be ready to answer questions, be upfront with their answers, and keep you up to date with important details like whether there will be delays or if the project will be finished on time.

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