Things to Think About When You’ve Experienced Storm Damage

Things to Think About When You’ve Experienced Storm Damage

With the storms that have been happening, there are some things that Texas homeowners need to be aware of when dealing with their insurance companies. Some companies will try to tell you that you must get three bids to replace your roof. That is not true in Texas.  A homeowner can use the company he wants to use. The insurance company cannot dictate with whom you do business.  The insurance companies have a computer program into which they enter your information and it tells them how much to pay a roofing company to replace your roof no matter what the bids say. The only way that price will change is if you have a knowledgeable roofing contractor who finds something that has to be done to install a quality roof that the for which the insurance adjuster did not allow. That contractor can then submit the appropriate paperwork to the insurance to get a supplement to the original settlement. 


If you have a roofer who comes in and tells you they can do your roof cheaper than anyone else in the area, it does not do you any good. If he charges your less that the insurance company paid you, you owe the excess money back to the insurance company.  If a roofer tells you that he will waive your deductible from the cost of your roof, that is illegal. A good question to ask yourself about the lowest bidder is, “What is being cut to make the price so low? Is it a lesser quality material? Is it shoddy workmanship?”


That bring up the subject of the proposal. Is it just handwritten and says something like …. Install new roof. $0,000.00 and has a place for you to sign.  As a homeowner, you be given an itemized list of exactly what is going to be done on your roof. Is all the old roofing material going to be removed down to the decking? What brand of shingles are going to be used — a cheap, low-quality shingle or a quality shingle that will last for years? Is metal edge going to be replaced? What about flashing around pipes? an important piece of information that should be on the proposal is what kind of warranty is offered? Is that warranty offered by the roofing company or is it a labor AND material warranty against defects provided by the roofing materials manufacturer. It is wise to have a sample of that warranty which you can read for yourself and see for sure what is covered. 


Yes, there are unscrupulous roofers out there who will tell you anything to get your money.  And on that topic of your money, a reputable company won’t require a huge down payment or require the entire job be paid for up front. Over the years we have talked to people who paid for the work up front and never saw the roofer or their money again.  If a company wants you to give them money for the materials up front, that is a red flag. Our advice to people is never give the roofer money for material until after the material is delivered to your house and the roof stocked. This advice applies not only to roofers, but any kind of construction work.


If your roof is damaged by a storm, try not to stress too much as you work through the process of getting it replaced. Contact your insurance. Decide what company or companies you would like to look at your roof. Look at information presented and then choose the one you think will do the best job.  Of course, we hope you will choose MASCON, INC. to be your roofing specialist!