Things to Know About Evaluating Roofing Estimates and Quotes

Things to Know About Evaluating Roofing Estimates and Quotes

Evaluating estimates and comparing quotes from multiple contractors are important steps in any roofing project. In doing so, you can carefully assess your budget and encourage the roofing pros to be competitive with their pricing. MASCON Inc., your local residential and commercial roofing contractor, shares some tips below.

Estimates vs. Quotes

An estimate is an approximation of how much your project will cost and will usually be within 10-15% of the actual cost. A quote is a more detailed document, which will become your contract once you sign on the dotted line. The quote should be comprehensive, clear and accurate, detailing every aspect of the project, from the cost of labor to materials to warranty terms.

Evaluating Quotes

When evaluating a roof replacement quote, the first thing to check is that the document is both transparent and detailed. It must include the necessary project details, including the cost of materials, beginning and end dates, and other particulars like dumpsters, permits and labor. If anything is unclear, ask your contractor to clarify it in writing before you sign.

Why Quotes From Different Contractors May Vary

When comparing roofing quotes, you may be wondering why one company offered you a lower price than another. Of course, factors like the price of roofing materials, warranties and hidden costs like tear-off fees will all impact the cost. But beyond that, you can generally expect a roofer with less experience to offer a lower price because they want to get more business. A lower bid might also be a hint that the contractor may not be insured or even licensed to work on roofing projects. 

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