The Hidden Benefits of Metal Roofing Systems

The Hidden Benefits of Metal Roofing Systems

Most people are already familiar with the advantages of metal roofs: they have longer life spans, they work in virtually any home style, and they’re energy efficient. In addition to all of these, metal roofs have lesser-known benefits which, in this post, local roof replacement contractor Mascon, Inc. puts in the spotlight.

roof replacement standing seam metal roof


Metal roofs have come a long way from the tin roofs that one would only see today on barns and sheds. Improvements in roof engineering have made metal roofs as the most versatile roofing system available today. In addition to the now-familiar standing seam metal roofing, you can pick metal roofing systems that mimic asphalt shingles, wood shakes, tile, and slate. Thanks to its malleability, one can have a metal roof that’s virtually indistinguishable from the material that it’s supposed to mimic.

All of these options provide the flexibility to choose the styles and textures that you want for your home, without sacrificing authenticity or the benefits provided by metal roofs. Also, options like aluminum and copper provide a unique bare metal look that can either stay looking like new through protective coatings, or let it age for a rustic look. Metal roofing systems also work in commercial roofing applications.

Exceptional Durability

The reason why metal roofs last longer is because of its inherent durability. It’s more resilient against the kind of damage caused by wind, hail, and airborne debris. With proper care and maintenance, your metal roof can keep its looks throughout its life span.

Savings Every Year

It’s no secret that metal roofs cost more compared to most other roofing systems. However, considering its durability and low maintenance requirements, this can result in savings from lower repair costs and fewer maintenance appointments. Taking these into account, along with the aforementioned long life span, and you can look forward to significant savings every year.

Metal roofs can also help you save on your utility bills, thanks to its lower thermal mass and its compatibility with most types of coatings. A roof with a low thermal mass cools down faster at night. Combined with a properly-insulated attic and reflective coatings, a metal roof can help reduce your indoor cooling requirements at night, which can result in significant savings in your utility costs.

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