The Challenges of Replacing the Roof of a High-Rise Building

The Challenges of Replacing the Roof of a High-Rise Building

Replacing the roof of a high-rise building presents a number of challenges. Property managers need to be aware of these challenges so they can take appropriate measures to prevent delays and protect the safety of the roofing contractor.

Read on as MASCON Inc. discusses these challenges in detail.

Building Code Challenges

Like all buildings, high-rise buildings are subject to applicable building codes. However, not all original roof systems were built to code. In particular, codes having to do with uplift resistance and energy conservation may not have been in place when the original roof was installed. This can present a number of challenges for a roof replacement project.

When a roofing system that isn’t up to code is eventually replaced, contractors must be sure not to copy the original system and repeat the error. Property owners should be aware that they may face higher project costs if substrates need to be strengthened to achieve the required attachments.

Roof Design Challenges

Roof terminations hidden by membrane flashings that terminate behind wall panels or rooftop equipment screens can present a serious problem. During a roof replacement, the pros may remove a portion of the adjacent system, which can be time-consuming and costly for project managers.

Though in-the-field fixes can be applied for atypical roofing conditions, certain design-related challenges can be avoided with a better focus on roof design during the building’s original design phase. This is to ensure uniform substrates to allow roofers to reroof with ease.

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