The 4-Step Process of Roof Replacement

The 4-Step Process of Roof Replacement

Roof replacement involves a complex and precise process that roofers must adhere to for best results. As a homeowner, knowing what to expect during this process can make the roof replacement experience smoother and less stressful.

The 4-Step Process of Roof Replacement

Roof Preparation

The first step is the preparation. New roof construction can be messy, so be sure to put your valuable and fragile objects away and lay protective covers around your home. Homeowners should anticipate debris and noise. You may also want to make arrangements for your family to stay somewhere else while your roof is being installed.

Clearing Old Roofing Material

To make way for the new roof, the roofers first have to tear off the old one. Anyone who isn’t involved with the construction or wearing a hard hat should stay away from the area while this step is in progress. For a commercial roofing system, a roof replacement involves replacing the roof membrane rather than tearing off the entire roof.

New Roof Installation

After the old materials have been completely removed, your roofers will install your new roof deck, shingles and other roof components such as the flashing, vents and other accessories. For this step, choosing high-quality roofing materials make a difference—a longer lifespan, fewer repairs and less maintenance.

Roof Finishing

Next, your roofing contractor adds the finishing touches such as the protective coating and extra nails. A final roof inspection is done to guarantee everything is in order. If anything is amiss, you should bring it up with your contractor immediately.

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