Storm Damage to Roof: Important Steps Should You Take

Storm Damage to Roof: Important Steps Should You Take

Your roof is a critical barrier of your home against harmful elements. A well-designed and efficient roofing system should be able to withstand torrential downpours, strong winds and sharp-hitting hail and minimize needed repairs in the future. But what happens if your roof sustains damage from a storm? In this article, a roof replacement contractor shares the key steps you need to take as a responsible homeowner.

Storm Damage to Roof: Important Steps Should You Take

Assess Storm Damage

After ensuring that your family is safe from the stormy weather, it is important to inspect the exterior of your home for possible signs of damage. Make sure you stay away from downed power lines, electrical hazards and flooded areas and immediately call the professionals for assistance.

Your roof is the most vulnerable place for post-storm damage. Check for fallen trees and broken shingles on the ground as these are common signs of serious roof damage.

Look for Signs of Hail, Wind and Water Damage

Hail damage to the roof is usually easy to detect. You will hear hail hitting your roof, along with the windows and doors, and see pellets of ice collecting on the pavement. If you notice missing shingles, cracked shingles and buildup of asphalt shingle granules in the gutters or downspouts during a brief roof inspection, call for roof repair services as soon as possible.

Strong, high winds have the potential to knock over large trees and buckle roof shingles, leaving your home more vulnerable to moisture issues. Meanwhile, the effects of water damage can take much longer to identify. Thoroughly check for leaks as they can eventually lead to mold, which can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions in the residents.

 Contact Your Insurance and Find a Roofing Contractor

If you notice any signs of storm damage, contact your insurance company and find a reliable roofing contractor to fend off further problems and repair your home in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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