Spring Checklist for Your Austin Home Exterior

The winter weather in Texas is waning, which means that it’s time to get outside and make some improvements to your Austin home so it’s prepared for the spring weather to come. Spring and summer are often a season of wild weather, from hail storms and tornadoes to heavy rain and hot sun, so preparing your exterior now is essential to make sure your home doesn’t suffer excessive damage.

Inspect First

The best way to make sure you complete all the necessary work for your Austin home exterior is to perform a quick inspection that will give you an idea of exactly what needs to be done. Be sure to check the following areas thoroughly and make notes about any potential repairs:

  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Roofing
  • Windows
  • Decks

Make Roof Repairs Now

A proper Austin roofing inspection requires that you get up on the roof and check for any potential issues, such as missing, curling, or buckling shingles, granule losses, or damage or rust on the flashing. If you see these things you want to get repairs made right away so these small issues don’t turn into major issues down the road. In the absence of proper safety equipment and experience, consider hiring a roofing contractor to do the inspection and make necessary repairs.

Inspect Exterior Walls

No matter what kind of home exterior you have, inspecting the walls is important to check for damage to stucco or vinyl siding, identify any potential insect infestations, or find areas where there is a potential for water damage. Finding these things early can prevent more extensive damage to the interior walls or structure of your home.

Check Windows

The windows around your home may start to wear out and allow air leaks to get through; you can often spot wear and tear on the exterior of the windows by checking for tight seals, proper amounts of weather stripping, and looking for any cracks or damage around the edges. If most of your windows are damaged or excessively worn, contact a replacement window contractor in Austin about getting new ones.

Before the warmer weather comes, take some time to inspect your entire home exterior so you can be prepared for summer.