GAF Commercial Warranty

GAF Commercial Warranty

A GAF Certified Maintenance Professional (CMP)

A commercial roof is a huge investment for a building owner, so don’t install a new one and forget about it. If you want something to perform well, you have to maintain it. If you don’t, you’re putting your property at risk of damage from leaks, not to mention the risk of your guarantee coverage being jeopardized.

The good news is regular maintenance can help you preserve your roof and enjoy many years of reliable service. A GAF Certified Maintenance Professional, backed by North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, can help you avoid costly roofing problems. Here are the facts:

    • Studies have shown that proactively maintained roofs last up to 60% longer than reactively maintained roofs.*
    • Less than 1% of roof failure is caused by defective roofing materials; leaving poor installation, severe weather, and lack of maintenance to blame.

Ask about our WellRoof Program

CMPs can also offer GAF’s WellRoof® Guarantee Extension designed to reward you for establishing an annual inspection and preventative maintenance program. Your participation won’t just help you meet the maintenance requirements of your GAF Diamond Pledge NDL Roof Guarantee***; GAF will also extend the length of your coverage by 25% — with no additional guarantee fee!

GAF Commercial Warranty
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