How to Reduce the Humidity in Your Attic

When attic humidity is too high, the effects can wreak absolute havoc on your home and everyone in it. Mold growth, water damage, and health risks are all ever-present dangers when indoor humidity is too high. When this is the case in the attic, it poses a threat to the roof over your head. Take it from your roofers in Austin and take these measures to dry out your attic.


Fix All Leaks 

The first step to reducing attic humidity is to prevent water from getting in the space in the first place. Call your roofing contractor in Austin to perform a professional inspection. He or she will be the best authority on identifying leaks. Additionally, your roofer will know the best and longest-lasting solution to take care of the problem. By fixing any pesky leaks, you limit problems with humidity to what happens indoors.


Use Proper Ventilation

Attics require proper ventilation in order to stay dry and healthy. Many homes are insufficiently equipped in this regard, as it is essential that every square inch of the attic gets access to the exhaust. Any patches that don’t receive ventilation will still retain hot, moist air. These areas then become breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Be sure you have adequate ventilation in your attic or ask your Austin roofers to double check for you.


Limit Warm Air Reaching the Attic

One of the best things you can do to limit attic humidity is to keep the rest of your home cool and dry. These conditions prevent warm, damp air from migrating to the attic in the first place. Open windows and use ceiling fans to keep the air circulating in your home and avoid stuffiness.

These are just some of the most helpful ways to reduce attic humidity, but are far from the only strategies. Talk to your local roofers for more ideas.