Questions You May Not Have Thought to Ask Your Prospective Roofer

Questions You May Not Have Thought to Ask Your Prospective Roofer

Asking the right questions is key to finding the right residential or commercial roofing contractor. In addition to asking obvious questions about valid licenses, manufacturer certification and products on offer, Mascon, Inc. recommends asking your prospective roofer about these important issues that you may not have thought of before:

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Do You Have?

Insurance coverage varies between contractors and providers, but there are two important types that all good contractors should have. The first is general liability insurance. It may be named or worded differently, but it essentially covers accidental property damage during installation. The second is workers’ compensation (or simply “workers comp”), which covers physical injuries. Without both, you may end up paying for repairs or medical costs out-of-pocket. Ask your prospective contractor for a copy of their insurance certificate.

Who Will Be on Site During Installation?

Roof replacement is a complex process. The work of several installers should be overseen by a project manager, a company manager or even the company owner, which is usually the case for local, family-owned companies. Ask your prospective contractor how many people are on site during a typical roof installation. You will need this information later when you have to arrange for parking and other kinds of accommodation.

How Will I Receive My Estimate or Quote? 

Roofing contractors typically provide an estimate or quote shortly after a consultation. Some may provide a digital copy mere moments after the meeting. The physical copy is usually sent a few days after. Avoid a contractor who drops off their quote or estimate in your mailbox. A good contractor will send a representative to personally hand the document over and answer questions about it. This indicates thoroughness and diligence to ensure customer satisfaction before the job even begins.

Do I Have to Sign the Contract Now?

The ideal answer to this is “you don’t have to.” A trustworthy roofing contractor will give you time to review the contract or quote and make changes or corrections as needed. Beware contractors who offer “limited time” discounts or unrelated free items just to pressure you into signing the contract.

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