Preparing Your Home for Tornado Weather

Your home is your family’s sanctuary, but when tornado season comes to the state of Texas it can bring with it devastating storms. If your home suffers from a direct tornado hit there isn’t much you can do to protect it from getting damaged, but even in some of the most tornado-prone areas, the majority of damage to homes comes in the form of high winds (many storms have winds that top 110 mph), hail, and rain. For that reason it’s important to prepare your home and your Austin roofing for tornadoes as best as possible.

Plan Ahead

The best thing you can do to prepare your home to withstand severe weather is to plan ahead. That means getting the home and your Austin roofing inspected to make sure there are not any existing problems that should be repaired before the storm hits. It’s often beneficial to hire a professional roofing contractor to help you with this process because they know what to look for and have the materials and experience to do the repairs right away.

Trim Back Trees

Some of the most dangerous things for your Austin roofing during a storm are actually the things that could fall on it—generally that includes tree branches, shrubbery, and other similar debris. Take a few minutes to walk around your home (long before the storm hits) and see if there are any low-hanging branches that could be trimmed back.

Secure the Roof from Below

High winds can put significant pressure on your roof, and if it’s not securely fastened to the walls of your home it could end up in yours or your neighbor’s yard. A professional roofing contractor in Austin can help you figure out if your home already has braces or supports that will protect from wind damage (in some places it’s required and may already exist for newer homes), or help you figure out what is needed to make the roof more secure.

Preparing in advance can help you avoid some of the worst storm damage to your home and roofing in Austin.