Maintaining Your Commercial Roof in Spring

Maintaining Your Commercial Roof in Spring

Maintaining your commercial roof this spring is important. Spring brings heavy rainfall and water ponds on flat surfaces. As such, low-slope roofs are vulnerable to leaks and other forms of moisture damage. What are the ways you can keep your commercial flat roof in good condition throughout spring? 

Schedule Routine Roof Inspections 

Since flat roofs are more leak-prone, they need to undergo frequent inspections to ensure relatively minor issues are fixed before they can affect other parts of the building. It’s important that you schedule a roof inspection after winter, as freezing temperatures can cause wear and tear. 

Quick Tip: Keep a close eye on your roof’s flashing

You need to keep a close eye on the weak points or the most leak-prone components of a flat roof. Your roof’s flashing—thin pieces of galvanized steel used to cover roof joints or the sections where the roof membrane meets the chimney, vents and skylights—requires special attention. Puddles on a flat roof can easily infiltrate the underlying components of the system through loosened flashing. 

Make Sure Drains Are Free of Debris

If the drains aren’t clogged and the pitch is slightly elevated, there shouldn’t be any puddles on a flat roof. Flat roofs aren’t exactly flat—they’re slightly elevated to allow rainwater to flow to the drains. Now that spring is here, trees will be growing and shedding leaves throughout the season. You need to make sure leaves and any kind of organic debris don’t clog up the gutters. Otherwise, water might start to pond on the flat roof. 

One more thing: It’s easy to miss the warning signs of flat roof damage, which is why you should only hire an experienced contractor to inspect your commercial flat roof. 

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