Important Things to Check During Your Roof Inspection

Important Things to Check During Your Roof Inspection

Different types of roofing systems have different lifespans. Factors like materials, maintenance requirements and local weather conditions all affect your roof’s longevity. Fortunately, with a professional roof inspection twice a year, you can maximize your roof’s service life. During these inspections, Mascon Inc. suggests focusing on these three areas:

Roof Inspection

Visible Damage

Looking for visible signs of damage is the first step in a roof inspection. This means checking the system for any structural deformation, dirt, standing water and blocked gutters or downspouts. Any of these issues can cause serious problems for your home. If you notice obvious damage, be sure to turn to Mascon, Inc. for emergency repairs.

Interior Roofing Components 

Without regular inspections and proper maintenance, your roof is at risk of structural damage. If you have a leak that was not addressed immediately, we recommend having the roof rafters and trusses checked for mold, mildew and rot. If we see that the system has sustained extensive structural damage, we will offer you a roof replacement.

Exterior Structural Components

As the part of your roof that’s most exposed to the weather, the external structural components of your system need to be thoroughly inspected. This includes the chimney, vents, drip edges, fascia and decking. The areas around your chimney, vents and skylights are particularly vulnerable to leaks and water damage. Be sure to have these thoroughly inspected for signs of rust or rot, which can cause damage to your roof underlayment, joists and sheathing.

As the trusted residential and commercial roofing contractor, Mascon, Inc. will provide thorough,  high-quality inspections. We also offer a variety of other roofing services that will help protect your investment. Call us today at (512) 376-5096 to learn more. You can also request a free quote. We serve Austin, TX, and nearby areas.