How to Identify the Source of a Roof Leak

How to Identify the Source of a Roof Leak

Roof leaks are a source of frustration for homeowners everywhere. Today’s post from residential roofing contractor MASCON INC. addresses this nuisance by recommending ways to identify the source of a roof leak.

How to Identify the Source of a Roof Leak

Confirmation via Elimination

Finding the source of a roof leak is trickier than you might think, as water that appears as a stain on your ceiling may originate in an entirely different area of your home. To confirm whether a leak is indeed a roof-related leak, you have to go through the process of eliminating probable causes for the leak. It might be the plumbing system, HVAC system or simply condensation that’s causing the leaking.

This trial-and-error process may be tedious, but it will ensure the accuracy of your diagnosis. Keep in mind that the more accurately you can pinpoint the cause, the better you can address the issue. In any case, it’s always a good idea to enlist the professional help of your roofing contractor.

Go Up

After confirming that what you have is indeed a roof leak, it’s time to locate the source. Start by pinpointing visible water stains on your ceiling. Safely go up into your attic and try to access the same spot as the water stain on the ceiling. Keep in mind that water, in the case of roof leaks, can travel horizontally. This is especially true for flat or low-sloped roofs, meaning the source of the leak may not be where the water stain is. Don’t forget to examine the roof decking and rafters as well. A professional roofing specialist has the skills and knowledge to identify the original source of the leak and perform the necessary repairs.

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