How to Check Your Roof for Water Damage

There’s hardly any place as fun as Austin, TX during the warm summer months. One thing that can quickly dampen a leisurely summer day is, however, the quick and unwelcome appearance of wind, lightning, and hail. Roofing contractors in Austin are no strangers to repairing storm damage, but it takes someone skilled to identify all the marks of water damage. While some dings and dents are easy to pin as leak culprits, other signs are harder to spot. Here are four ways to check for water damage.

1. Look for Warped Shingles

If you have no idea where that leak is coming from, start on top. Check your roof for vulnerable areas. If you have conventional shingles, this means looking for any pieces that are bending, warped, splitting, or missing altogether. Missing or broken shingles can leave the roof’s interior materials susceptible to further damage, including leaks. As water seeps deeper into the house, it can wreak havoc on its overall structure.

2. Check for Rust

Water damage doesn’t just appear as leaks, of course. It can also present itself in the form of rust. Check all metal fixtures including vents and gutters for signs of rust. While some buildup is easy to remove, large accumulations can cause a breakdown in function and performance.

3. Inspect for Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew aren’t just ugly; they’re downright hazardous for your health. Your roof is designed to keep bacteria away, but it can lurk under shingles that have been damaged by a storm. If you don’t know where to look, have your professional and trusted Austin roofers do it for you.

4. Learn to Spot Hidden Signs

Sometimes water damage can be nearly impossible to spot. It may simply present itself as what looks like a slight bulge between the paint and the walls to the untrained eye. If you suspect you have water damage, the best way to find out and make any necessary repairs is to hire reputable residential and commercial roofing contractors in Austin, TX.