How Can Roof Pitch Affect Roof Replacement Cost?

How Can Roof Pitch Affect Roof Replacement Cost?

Different factors can affect the cost of roof replacement and one of these is the type of roof structure — particularly the steepness or slope. A roof with a pitch of 8/12 or less is usually referred to as a “low-slope roof” because its slope isn’t too steep that you could safely walk on it. Meanwhile, a roof with a steeper pitch is called a “steep-sloped roof.” Most residential roofing systems belong to this category since their slope ranges from 3/12 to 20/12.


To give you a better idea of how roof pitch can affect roof replacement cost, Mascon, Inc. shares more information below.


Roofs with steeper slopes typically require more shingles. If you are installing asphalt shingles on a steep-sloped roof, you can expect the cost of materials to double since more shingles will be needed to cover your roofing. When asking your contractor or supplier for a quote, make sure to inquire about asphalt shingle costs for various levels of pitch. This way, you can get a more accurate look at the expenses.


In general, roofers take more precautions in installing steep roofs. This can make the installation go slower. And depending on the roof safety equipment that your roofing contractor will use (e.g. rigging or scaffolding), the cost of your roofing project could go higher. The equipment needed for these things is expensive to own or rent, so the costs are often passed along to customers.


The installation of shingles on steep-sloped roofs involves varying techniques. Furthermore, your roofer needs to consider manufacturer instructions so as to keep the roofing warranty valid. That said, installing shingles may require the use of more nails per shingle or applying roofing cement to each shingle. Either way, your roof installation will take more time and require more materials, increasing the cost of the job. Specialized skills are also needed to safely handle a steep roof, so you can expect labor fees to go up depending on the complexity of the job and the specific skills required to carry out the project safely and correctly.

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