How Can High Humidity Affect Your Roof?

How Can High Humidity Affect Your Roof?

High humidity can harm your roof and attic as well as your family’s health. It can promote mold growth, which triggers allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, it also causes the various parts of your roofing system to deteriorate more quickly. 

High Humidity Affect Your Roof

The Effects of High Humidity on Your Roof

Structural Issues

High humidity levels in your attic can weaken your roof structures. Excessive humidity encourages mold growth and allows moisture to infiltrate your roofing components, causing the wood to rot if left unattended. Moreover, moisture and hot air can shorten the lifespan of your asphalt shingles.

You can prevent high humidity in your attic by ensuring the space has excellent ventilation. Proper ventilation allows warm air to escape, preventing heat and moisture buildup, and extending your roof’s lifespan.

Outdoor Moisture

High humidity can be a result of your indoor or outdoor environment. During summer, your outdoor area may seem dry, but there could be plenty of moisture in the air. This can cause damage to your roof structure and other components. 

Fortunately, with regular residential roofing inspections, you can detect roofing issues early and carry out repairs before extensive damage occurs. 

How to Manage Indoor Humidity

A house with normal indoor humidity levels promotes a longer roof lifespan. If you notice excess humidity in your attic, try using a fan to cool and keep the space dry. You might also need to upgrade your attic insulation.

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