How to Handle a Roofing Emergency

There are many reasons roofing emergencies strike, whether they are the result of torrential downpour or a fallen tree limb. Regardless of how they happen, however, all roofing emergencies can be extremely stressful and downright dangerous scenarios. You can protect yourself and mitigate damage by having an action plan ready to go, comprised of the four following steps courtesy of your local commercial roofing contractors in Austin, TX.


Ensure Personal Safety

Although you may have a million concerns in your head when disaster strikes, none is as important as your health and safety. If you are unharmed, get to a safe space as quickly as possible before tending to damage. If you were hurt in the commotion, seek medical attention right away. You cannot take care of the situation without first tending to your health.


Call Your Trusted Roofers

After your safety is intact, the next step is to call your Austin commercial roofing contractors. They are the best authorities to put a stop to damage and make any critical repairs. If conditions are too poor to resolve the problem, your roofers will at least be able to provide temporary relief while you schedule permanent repairs. They can also assist with the claims process, especially in an emergency when you cannot think straight!


Document Damage

Once you have spoken with your roofers, survey the scene and record the damage. Try to capture both pictures and video of the wreckage on both the inside and outside of your building. When it comes to a severely damaged roof, let your contractors handle the documentation. You should never attempt to mount a structure that may be compromised.


File an Insurance Claim

 Lastly, it is time to file a claim with your insurance provider. This can be a complex process, particularly when it pertains to commercial roofing in Austin, TX. If you run into any trouble or do not know where to start, don’t be afraid to ask your contractors for help.