Flat Roof Inspection: How Is It Performed?

Flat Roof Inspection: How Is It Performed?

Your flat roof is a responsibility that you can’t afford to ignore if you run a commercial building. There is a greater risk of a flat roof leaking than a traditional sloped roof. While a big roof leak is usually obvious, there are subtle warning signs that a leak may be forming, which only an experienced roofer knows how to look for.

Flat Roof Inspection

If you have a flat roof, you should have it regularly inspected by professionals. It’s also a good idea to educate yourself about the basics of flat roof inspections. The contractor will be able to get to the bottom of the problem more quickly if you are able to describe the situation in greater detail.

With the help of a top roofing contractor like Mascon Inc, you’ll learn what to look out for during a flat roof inspection.

What Does a Flat Roof Inspection Involve?

A critical component of the flat roof inspection procedure is ensuring that each layer of the roof is installed properly. These layers may include the following: the deck, primer,  VCL (Vapour Control Layer), insulation (which may be glued or mechanically fixed), underlay, cap sheet, any trimmings, and rainwater outlets and gutters.

How Are Flat Roofs Inspected

  1. Check for Damaged Flashing and Clogged Drains

Due to their lack of slope, ponding water is a regular occurrence on flat roofs and can seep through cracks if left unchecked. A healthy roof diverts water away from fissures via drainage and flashing.

Flat roof leaks are mainly caused by flashing or sealant issues. That’s why roofing professionals start by inspecting the gutters and flashing for clogs or holes. In some circumstances, rusted gutters need to be repaired. Contractors also watch out for the rooftop door’s threshold transition, which isn’t often waterproofed.

  1. Look for Membrane Degradation

Next, contractors examine roof membrane punctures, which can be produced by a clogged HVAC ventilation system, among other things. Leaks are frequently caused by normal wear and tear or by heavy foot traffic. However, a clogged HVAC ventilation system might cause this. The heat from the pipes below slowly deteriorates the flat roof’s exterior membrane. This can cause membrane breaches and punctures, exposing the entire roof to moisture damage.

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