Flat Roof Damage in Summertime

Flat Roof Damage in Summertime

Flat roofs have plenty of advantages, but are also prone to leaks. This can be a particular concern in the summer, which brings occasional torrential downpours  along with extreme heat that poses a threat to flat roofs. Whether you have a  flat commercial or residential roofing system, there are some things you need to know about how summer conditions can put your flat roof to the test.

Flat Roof Damage in Summertime


A roof blister is a raised area where there is a loss of adhesion of the roof. This looks like a bubble filled with air or water. Moisture, installation mistakes and poor ventilation are the most common causes of blistering.

Thermal Expansion

When flat roofs don’t have proper drainage, ponding will follow. When exposed to direct sunlight, the temperature of a flat roof will increase, but the section containing the pool of water will have a lower temperature. Repeated cycles of warming and cooling during the summer months will increase the tendency of the roof to allow water to penetrate.

Flashing Damage

Flashing damage is often caused by fungal growth from moisture build-up. If standing water is not drained within the next 72 hours, your roofing system may develop a leak.

Standing Water

Standing water is the primary cause of flat roof leakages. If water doesn’t drain or evaporate from your flat roof within 72 hours, it will begin to cause damage. Usually, problems with standing water are caused by insufficient drainage.

Improper or Inadequate Installation

Improper installation increases the probability of accelerated sun damage. Many “flat” roofs are actually too flat or are built with inferior structural materials, which cause them to sag in the middle, thus allowing rainwater to pool. This moisture will soon find its way through any crack or hole, caused by the sun heating up the surface or expansion and contraction. Your roofing contractor should be very careful from beginning to finish.

To prevent these issues, hire an experienced local roofer that specializes in flat roofs and have your roof inspected at least twice a year. Call MASCON INC. at (512) 376-5096 so we can discuss your options for a better roofing system. We serve Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas.