Does a New Roof Improve Your Home’s Value?

Does a New Roof Improve Your Home’s Value?

One of the best ways to improve your home’s resell value is to replace your roofing system. This is a big investment, but the increased value it provides makes it well worth the effort.
Read on as MASCON, INC. shares a few reasons why replacing your roof before putting your home on the market is a good idea.

Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report: A Winner

Roof replacement is a clear winner in Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report. The study found that the national average cost of roof replacement is around $16,287, of which homeowners can expect to recoup about 66%. Any home improvement project that lets you recoup two-thirds of the cost is a worthy venture.

In Texas, you can expect to recoup about $14,526, which is about 65.4% of the total project cost. This figure is on an upward trend compared to the previous year.

What Makes a New Roof Attractive?

A new residential roofing system is beautiful and instantly gives your home’s exterior a facelift. First impressions are everything for potential buyers, so you can’t go wrong with this project. A new roof also improves a home’s comfort levels, energy efficiency and weather protection, all of which are attractive benefits for a potential buyer.

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