Dimensional Shingles: Why They’re a Better Roofing Material

Dimensional Shingles: Why They’re a Better Roofing Material

Mascon, Inc., your local roofing contractor, recommends dimensional shingles as the best roofing material. Also known as laminate or architectural shingles, this product is superior to similar roofing materials like three-tab shingles. Read on to learn more.

Dimensional Shingles: Why They’re a Better Roofing Material

What You Need to Know About Three-Tab Shingles

Three-tab shingles are made of less material and are thus lighter than dimensional shingles. They’re also more affordable and readily available, which is why many homeowners choose them. On the downside, their thin configuration means they need to be replaced sooner. Plus, they only come in one size and shape.

Better, More Structured Shingles

With dimensional shingles, you get a residential roofing material that’s more structured for better performance. They weigh about 50% more than three-tab shingles because they’re also thicker. This gives them exceptional durability, helping them withstand inclement weather conditions.

With proper installation, they can last longer than their minimum 30-year lifespan. They may be a bit costlier than three-tab shingles, but dimensional shingles offer better protection for your home and last longer. With various sizes and shapes to choose from, you have more leeway when it comes to choosing a design that complements the other components of your home.

Mascon, Inc. is a GAF Master Elite® contractor, which means we’re authorized to install dimensional shingles from this top-of-the-line manufacturer. Our shingles are manufactured using Advanced Protection Technology, giving them better performance, strength and toughness than alternative products. We are also authorized to offer GAF’s warranties, which are among the strongest in the industry.

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