Damage-Free Property, Part 2: Why Mascon Inc.?

Damage-Free Property, Part 2: Why Mascon Inc.?

A damage-free property is every homeowner’s dream. With maintenance chores being tedious and repairs being costly, the lack of issues is indeed a welcome treat. As the area’s premier roof replacement specialist, we make it a point to keep every aspect of your home in as good a condition as possible – from roofing right down to siding.

Damage-Free Property

In this second installment of our two-part blog, we’ll discuss why working with Mascon Inc. is the best option for you.

High-Quality Materials

To provide top-notch workmanship, contractors need to make use of the finest quality materials in the industry. Doing so also gives us peace of mind knowing that our labors are sure to hold up through the changing seasons. You trust us with your home, so we trust only the finest products the industry has to offer.


We make it a point to carefully listen to our customers. This allows us to help them discover the most appropriate solutions to whatever roofing problems they may have. As a result, we build lasting relationships based on trust. From the roof inspection phase right until the replacement procedure itself, we put the customer first.

Neighborly Approach

We’re your neighbors too, and we do our part in making the community a much better place to live. We do this one home improvement project at a time, and we’ve been doing it for almost four decades.

That concludes our two-part blog. Remember that a damage-free home is the best home. For signs that your roof is in need of repair, feel free to check out the first part of this series.

Whether you’re in need of premium residential or commercial roofing, Mascon Inc. is the name you can trust. We serve various areas in Texas, including, Austin, TX, and various nearby cities. Call us up today at (512) 376-5096, and get a free, no-obligation quote.