Critical Commercial Roofing Safety Practices to Observe

Critical Commercial Roofing Safety Practices to Observe

As a property owner or facility manager, caring for your building’s roofing system is a big part of your job. Whenever you need to go up to the roof to perform an inspection or take care of a maintenance issue, it’s important to observe the proper safety precautions.

Today, MASCON Inc., a top local roofing contractor, shares some key commercial roof safety practices.

Consider the Risks Involved

Most commercial roofing systems are not designed to withstand constant foot traffic. Still, inspections and repairs require the pros to walk across membranes and metal panels. Falling is always a hazard when working on a roof, so make sure you identify any possible danger areas before beginning your work. Hazards include loose debris and tools, unsecured ladders, parapet walls, skylights, and slippery roof surfaces.

Use Protection Devices to Improve Safety

Professional roofers carry specialized protection equipment with them when working on roofs. This includes harnesses, weather-appropriate clothing, gloves, sunglasses and headgear. For your part, you should also see to it that your roof has safety markings so workers can easily identify potential obstacles and tripping hazards. Your roof should also have passive forms of fall protection such as safety posts and grab bars.

Make Sure Safety Policies Are in Place

Commercial roof safety is not just about physical protection measures but also about the implementation of strong and sound policies. These include creating a check-in/out system for workers accessing the roof and limiting foot traffic to pertinent personnel. Be sure that all responsible personnel are kept updated with these rules and regulations to avoid confusion.

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