Combatting Humidity This Spring

Now that warmer weather has officially moved into the Austin area, it’s time to start thinking ahead to summer. While we love spending more time outdoors, we also know we’ll have to share the season with severe weather and increased precipitation. All of that moisture can take its toll on roofing in Austin, so it’s important to take steps to curb the humidity inside your home. Austin roofers recommend the following tips to reduce indoor moisture.

Repair Existing Leaks

You can’t control your humidity if you’re fighting an uphill battle with an existing leak. If your home seems humid and cold no matter what you do, call your local roofing contractors in Austin to perform an inspection. They can spot any sneaky damage that may be triggering a leak and make the necessary repairs.

Increase Ventilation

Once your roof is performing as it should, put the rest of your house to work. You can help to reduce humidity by increasing ventilation around the home. Some of the simplest things you can do are:

  • Open windows
  • Run kitchen and bathroom vents
  • Turn on ceiling fans

If you have screens on your doors, feel free to get them involved too!   

Change Your Shower Habits

Contractors and roofers in Austin know that there’s one place in the home that generates more moisture than others. Between showers, baths, and hand-washing, our bathrooms can absorb a significant amount of water. You can stem the humidity in your bathroom by adjusting your shower habits. Colder and shorter showers are key.

Upgrade to Metal Roofing

If you have the budget for it, a metal roof can do a tremendous amount to reduce humidity and generally improve the efficiency in your home. Metal roofing simply doesn’t have as many breaks in its plane, which gives water limited opportunities to sneak inside. Additionally, its high-efficiency makeup and reflective properties help to keep cooling costs low during the warmer months.

These are just some of the best ways to stay dry this spring.