Benefits of Installing Multiple, Staggered Layers of Insulation

Benefits of Installing Multiple, Staggered Layers of Insulation

Your commercial roof’s insulation plays a critical role in the comfort levels of the interior, as well as the amount of your monthly energy bills. In today’s article, post, MASCON INC., a top local roofing contractor, explains why installing multiple, staggered layers of rigid board insulation is a good idea.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The staggered joints on multiple layers of rigid board insulation offset gaps where heat could flow between boards that are next to each other. This reduces the thermal bridging in the roof assembly. In fact, as much as 8% of the thermal efficiency of insulation can be lost through thermal bridging of commercial roof installations that use only a single layer of insulation.

Improved Resilience

Multiple, staggered layers of insulation are also more resilient. The staggered joints reduce the stress put on a single layer and distribute that stress more evenly over multiple, thinner insulation joints. For instance, in an adhered roof system, the use of multiple layers of insulation can minimize the risk of membrane splitting. The top layers of insulation can protect the commercial roofing membrane from the potential damage caused by fasteners that are used to attach the bottom layer of insulation.

Better Protection Against Ponding Water

A tapered insulation system can also create a roof slope. This can improve the drainage performance of the roof and reduce the risk of ponding water. Rainwater that does not drain collects dirt and debris that can damage the roof covering. The slope created by installing another layer of insulation that’s tapered can improve the overall longevity of the system and protect the roof from water damage.

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