Lockhart TX

Have an Unsolvable Roofing Problem? Call Our Lockhart Roofers!

When you have a roofing problem that you, or even other roofing contractors in Lockhart, can’t solve, MASCON INC. is the contractor to turn to.  We have more than three decades of experience in roofing, and we’ve been an incorporated company for more than 15 years, so we know how to handle even the problems that seem insurmountable.  Homeowners and business owners in Lockhart can count on us to effectively solve roofing problems of all kinds.

We Focus on Customer Service

There are many residential and commercial roofing contractors in Lockhart, but we stand out for our focus on customer service and satisfaction.  Even in an urgent situation, we do a quality job and charge a fair price.  Our team of roofing specialists are extensively trained roofers who know how to solve any problem while working safely.  You don’t have to worry about price issues, complications, or half-finished work when you work with MASCON INC.. There are a number of things that distinguish us as roofing contractors:

  • We always offer prompt service and we never drag out a roofing project.
  • Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.
  • We work on industrial, commercial, and residential roofs.
  • We strive to find a unique solution for each customer and situation, rather than just selling as many roofs as we can.
  • We can handle virtually any of your roofing needs, from the routine to the unusual.
  • Insurance Repairs are a specialty!

Broad Range of Services

Some Lockhart roofers specialize in just one area, like installing new roofs or repairing damage. MASCON INC. offers a broad range of services to ensure that we can always come through for our customers.  We perform inspections, regular maintenance, and even gutter cleaning.  We also are qualified to make repairs and outright replacements.  If you don’t know the nature of your roofing problem when you call us, you can trust us to accurately diagnose the issue and correct it.  We don’t outsource our work, and we never exaggerate the level of work that is needed.

Contact Us for Solutions

Whether you need routine roof maintenance or a solution to an unusual roofing problem, don’t hesitate to call us, if you are dealing with an insurance company, we can help speed the claim filing process.  We’re available at (512) 376-5096 to answer your questions or schedule a consultation.