A Quick Guide to Standing Seam Metal Roofing Profiles

A Quick Guide to Standing Seam Metal Roofing Profiles

Standing seam metal roofing is probably what most people think of when referring to “metal roofing” even if they’re not familiar with its proper name. In today’s post, local roof replacement company Mascon, Inc. shares an aspect of standing seam metal roofing that you might not be familiar with: its various profiles.

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What Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

Standing seam metal roofing is made from metal sheets. The term “standing seam” refers to the raised (or “standing”) seams that serve both as areas for installing fasteners and as barriers for preventing rainwater infiltration. Unlike other metal roofing systems, the fasteners on standing seam roofing are hidden regardless of profile.

While standing seam metal roofs are typically seen on sloped residential roofs, they can also be used on low-slope commercial roofing buildings. Its smooth surface lets it shed rainwater efficiently even on low-slope buildings. Thanks to its malleability, it can also be used for curved roofing systems that are typically seen in gymnasiums and warehouses.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Profiles

The following are some of the most popular standing seam metal roofing profiles:

Snap-lock — A snap-lock profile consists of panels with two “legs” on each end, one male, one female. The legs are snapped over each other during installation, and usually require clips to fasten each panel to the roof.

Mechanical lock — A mechanical lock profile is installed like a snap-lock profile, except that the “legs” don’t simply snap into each other. They need to be crimped into place using a mechanical seamer.

Batten panel — Batten panels do not have male or female “legs”. Instead, they form a T-shaped seam which is then covered by a top cap and then sealed with a mechanical seamer. The resulting roof looks like traditional batten roofs, hence the name.

Nail flange system — A nail flange system is similar to a snap-lock profile with its male-female “legs,” except it doesn’t require clips. Instead, the male side of the panel has a flange with cutouts where fasteners go through, which can save on installation time and cost.

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