A Beginner’s Guide to the Soffit

A Beginner’s Guide to the Soffit

Your roof contains many more components than the shingles you see from the curb. One of the most important parts of the roof is the soffit. What is the soffit and what role does it play? Read on as our roof replacement experts shed some light.

What Is a Roof Soffit?

The soffit is one of the less visible parts of the roof. It’s the area located directly under a roof’s eaves (the part that extends beyond the home’s exterior walls). Because of this, a roof without eaves will not have a soffit. The soffit is covered by panels, which may have vents or an opening for a downspout.

What Does It Do?

The soffit is designed to provide a physical barrier for the residential or commercial roofing system’s underside. If it has slats for vent, it also serves as the entrance or exit point for air coming out of the attic. The soffit panels are there for cosmetic purposes as well, designed to hide the underside of the roof.

How Do I Keep the Soffit in Good Shape?

Soffit panels can be made of metal, wood or even PVC. This means maintenance requirements can be either fairly minimal or quite demanding. No matter what material your soffit is made from, it will need to be checked regularly for signs of moisture damage. 

Get Assistance From the Pros

Because checking the soffit can be tricky, especially for homes with high roofs, you might be better off having your soffit checked during a professional roof inspection. A professional is trained to identify the signs and symptoms that could indicate there’s something wrong with the soffit.

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