5 Ways to Keep Raccoons Off Your Downspouts

5 Ways to Keep Raccoons Off Your Downspouts

Raccoons can be more than just a bother. Sometimes, they can damage your home and make you worried about your health. This is especially true if they can get to your roof via the downspouts. So, how do you keep raccoons from climbing up your home? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Keep Raccoons Off Your Downspouts

1. Attach anti-raccoon baffles. These devices that look like upside-down saucers can fit around downspouts and are helpful in preventing raccoons from climbing up to your roof. Some baffles, especially ones that are used to deter rodents from climbing bird feeders and other tall structures in your yard, can be modified to fit downspouts.

2. Install pest spikes. Pest guards are made of nails, spikes or wire, and they are meant to keep animals, especially raccoons, from climbing into your tree branches and gutters. Raccoons who try to climb over them will get poked by them. Make sure things are put away where young children can’t get to them to avoid accidents.

3. Remove overhanging branches. Any tree branches that are too close to your home should be pruned. It will then be impossible for raccoons and other small critters to reach your roof. It is also helpful in stopping leaves and other organic debris from building up on your roof and gutters.

4. Grease your downspouts. Applying automotive grease to a 24-inch section of your downspout helps deter raccoons’ propensity to climb them. Since they can’t use their claws to get any traction, they’ll just slide down the downspouts.

5. Use animal-safe scent repellents. Most scent repellents that are safe for animals are made from natural ingredients like black pepper, onion, peppermint and other scents that raccoons don’t like. You can make animal-safe scents at home or buy them from stores.

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