4 Tips for Spotting Hail Damage

Your Austin commercial roofing does a lot of work every day, protecting from all kinds of weather and damage throughout the year. In the spring it is particularly vulnerable to hail damage, as it’s a time when the cooler weather from the north collides with warm weather from the south to create some pretty wild storms in Texas. If you think your commercial roofing might have hail damage, here are a few tips for spotting it.

1: Dents and Dings

In some cases the easiest place to spot hail damage on your Austin roofing might be on the metal structures that are on your roof rather than the roofing materials themselves. During inspections make sure that you check for damage in the form of dents and dings to the metal and other surrounding areas of the roof.

2: Leaks

Significant hail can damage the roofing to the point that it tears or begins to leak. If you spot a leak in the roofing following a storm, chances are the hail could have contributed to the leaks. Often the easiest way to see a leak is actually from the inside of the building, so make sure you’re checking the underneath side of your roof as well as the top side.

3: Punctures or Holes

Since hail is actually tiny balls of ice (or perhaps not-so-tiny in some storms), it is not necessarily smooth. Large hail that hits your roofing can quickly cause damage to the sheets of commercial roofing materials that should be designed to last for several decades. Check for punctures and tears and get them repaired right away if you see them.

4: Structural Damage

Finally, hail that is really big or in a storm that lasts for a long time can actually contribute to structural damage on the roofing. Look for some signs that your Austin roofing is no longer properly sloped (such as pooling water), or areas where it has come apart at the seams to identify if there are places you need to repair.

If you’re not sure what to check for following a hailstorm, call an Austin commercial roofing contractor to help you inspect safely and get all necessary repairs done.