4 Reasons to Upgrade to Metal Roofing

Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial building owner, you have probably heard about metal roofing and wondered if it could be right for you. Although this material is one of the most expensive roofing options upfront, there are many reasons why roofing contractors in Austin recommend metal. Here are four reasons to consider upgrade to high-efficiency metal.

1. Durability

Although metal is easily one of the most costly roofing materials available, its longevity often pays for itself over time. When properly cared for, these roofs can last well into their 50s and survive decades of rain, sun, and wind. After installation, you may never have to pay anything for your roof again.

2. Low Maintenance

Roofers in Austin also agree that choosing metal roofing can save you thousands in maintenance costs and labor. Unlike traditional shingles and tile roofs, metal simply isn’t susceptible to the same types of damage. It can withstand winds up to 150 mph and will never rot. The only maintenance you’ll need is the occasional inspection following a particularly rough hailstorm.

3. Monthly Savings

If you’re looking for the most energy efficient material possible, you can’t beat metal roofing. While conventional shingles absorb heat from the sun, metal roofing reflects it. This keeps your exterior cool and your interior cooler, saving on monthly utilities costs and not letting any energy go to waste.

4. Easily Installed

One of the reasons Austin roofers love metal the most is because it is such a breeze to install! In fact, in most cases roofers are able to salvage the existing roof or underlayment. This means they don’t have to waste any time or materials by tearing things apart. Metal is also applied in one easy layer, unlike complex shingle and tile systems.
These are just some of the reasons roofing contractors in Austin recommend upgrading to metal.