3 Potential Dangers for Your Austin Roofing

You might not think too much about your Austin roofing as long as it seems to be doing a good job protecting your home and your loved ones underneath, but if you live in Texas there are a few different things that you should be aware of that could potentially cause damage to that roofing. Being aware of these dangers and working to protect against them can ensure that your roofing in Austin lasts as long as possible so you don’t have to spend money replacing a roof sooner than you should.


Severe weather is not an uncommon occurrence in Texas, and hail can be particularly damaging. After a hailstorm it’s important that you go outside and inspect your roofing for potential damage (after the storm has passed and it is safe to do so, of course). If you’re not sure what to look for, a roofing contractor in Austin can help you figure out if the damage you see was caused by hail or by something else, such as general wear and tear.

The cost to fix hail damage is often covered by homeowners insurance policies, so it’s critical that you document the full extent of the damage right after the storm and contact your insurance immediately.

High Winds

High winds—the kind that accompany hailstorms and tornadoes—are also a potential risk for your Austin roofing. Shingles that are not properly secured, or that have come loose over time, can easily be loosened or taken entirely off your roof by the wind. To spot wind damage, look for areas of the roof where shingles are missing or appear loose, and check the yard for pieces of shingles that might have blown off.

UV Rays

In Texas sunshine is never in short supply, but all those ultraviolet rays beating down on your Austin roofing could be detrimental to the shingles. Sunlight could heat your roofing as high as 160 degrees or more, causing the shingles to expand, then contract significantly when the sun goes down. This expansion and contraction could cause damage. UV rays can also break down polymers that make up your roof shingles, causing them to become brittle.

To protect against these dangers, call a roofing contractor in Austin to discuss your needs today.