3 Common Mistakes People Make with Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is something that every building has, but it’s not something that everyone knows much about. If you are in charge of facilities or maintenance on a commercial building, there are a few things that you should know so you can avoid these three common mistakes that people often make when repairing, replacing, and inspecting commercial roofing in Austin, TX.

Improper Drainage

Most commercial building—especially larger ones—have a flat surface for the roof. Unlike your residential roofing in Austin, these low-slope roofs do not have a natural angle that helps propel water from the peak to the edges, keeping it away from the roofing materials to prevent damage.

There are a wide variety of things that commercial roofers in Austin can do to ensure that you have the proper drainage for flat roofing, so it’s important that you understand how the roofer will accomplish this and inspect the roof after any installation to make sure it was carried out properly. If you see pooling water after a storm, contact the roofers to have them come back and fix it, as this can lead to significant damage over time.

Too Many Layers

Sometimes commercial roofers in Austin will try to tell you that you can install a new roof over an existing roof system to save money (since they won’t have to rip off the old roof and find a way to dispose of it). While there are some cases where this can work, too often commercial building owners try to put a new roof over two or more old roof systems. Eventually the weight of all these different systems will become too much for your building to bear, and the roof will collapse. The maximum is two roof systems at a time, but it’s best to keep the weight as low as possible to protect the integrity of your building.

Incorrectly Securing Protrusions

There are a variety of different items that protrude from the top of a commercial facility. Often the flat roof is used to put cooling and heating appliances as well as pipes for a variety of systems inside the building. When these pipes and appliances come out of the roofing, it’s critical that you have proper flashing to secure them tightly. Without it, these become prime areas where water and moisture can seep in under the roof and lead to mold, mildew, and tons of other damage.

Before you undertake any commercial roofing in Austin, it’s important that you hire the right professional team with experience and expertise in installing this kind of system. Avoiding these common mistakes can ensure your roof lasts for many years, just like it was designed to do.